Will I be taxed on the money I got from the government?

Generally as an individual you won’t be taxed on any financial assistance you received. Different rules apply to businesses that have received assistance. Please check the Canada Revenue Agency page for more information.

What's going on with the appraisals?

Please visit the Appraisal FAQ post.

What are people without homes to live in for the winter expected to do? What is the plan?

The Housing Plan as submitted to the province includes providing incentives to develop rental suites, laneway houses, and manufactured or modular homes. Developing rental suites means converting existing basements or parts of a house into secondary suites as per the building code. The City changed its zoning bylaw earlier this year to allow for detached suites to be built in residential areas. This can look like a suite over a garage, or a cottage in the back yard. Some sites will be appropriate to install modular units.

We await a response from the Province to confirm that we can move forward with these options.

There are also efforts to find alternative funding programs for housing support for qualifying residents as an alternative to provincial funding.

Will the decisions made by the current council to adopt the recommendations in the Don Dobson report become null and void under the new council?

Resolutions made by Council remain in effect over the elections and don’t expire on their own. Council can make other resolutions that are different. The ones from September 4, 2018 have been communicated to the Province via the Boundary Flood Recovery team.

Which homes will be bought out?

Before specific properties are identified, site assessments need to take place, and the province has to approve the funding. Once the floodplain study is completed in late winter, site visits will be scheduled to see what the flood construction level looks like on the ground in the South Ruckle, Johnson Flats, and Granby Road areas. Any properties near the proposed dike path will have site assessments once the detailed design work is under way in 2019.

How much does it cost to raise a house? Who will pay?

It has cost residents $8,000 to $40,000 to lift a house based on current estimates or recent projects.  Province has been asked for funds to assist residents in raising homes to the new flood construction level. We don’t yet know if these funds will be awarded and if they are, how much of the expense will be covered.

What about Flood Construction Levels for a trailer or mobile home?

They are subject to the same flood construction levels as any other building. Consult with the Grand Forks or the RDKB building permit office for the correct information.

If I am currently building, what should I use as the rule for flood construction level?

The current bylaws are the standard until the data from 2018 is factored into the new bylaws.  It is up to the homeowner to decide if they wish to wait for the new bylaws or proceed with the current bylaws for protecting their homes.

If I need an engineer do I have to pay for it?

A part of the the funding ask from the province for raising homes includes engineering support but that has not been confirmed by the Province. Other engineering support, for example with current structural issues, has not been requested. If you do any of your own work, or hire your own contractors or engineers, you should save your receipts for the possibility of reimbursement in the future.

How do I know if I should repair my home? What if I get bought out?

Flood mitigation solutions will take some time to implement. Until other options are in place, residents should consider doing  what is necessary to make their homes habitable. The City is advocating for the money spent on repairs to be included in the buy out as long as receipts are kept.

If province does not approve buyout, will Ruckle still be bought out?

The City cannot afford to implement the buyout or flood protection works without funding from the Province.

State of Local Emergency status

Individual properties are still under a State of Local Emergency because of safety concerns. 

Signed Approved SOLE Regional District Kootenay Boundary EAD Rural Grand Forks Expires Aug 5 2019

Some properties have had their evacuation order rescinded:

June 17 2019 Order Rescind Signed Electoral Area D