Our goals are to ensure that no further harm is done, and that no one is left behind.

The summary of initial requests for data collection/assessment of wellness funding has been put out by Recovery Manager. Community partners are engaged in the process, and are clear about needs and expectations.

Actionable items for the next week:

  • Confirm V2 of software based assessment tool covers all necessary
  • Create of training syllabus for assessment gathering.
  • Begin process of referral rubric
  • Liaise with Housing and Economic to ensure there data collection needs are met, and look at overlap in well being/unmet
  • Connect with providers unable to attend meeting and get feedback on service delivery and

Actionable Items In Process/Ongoing:

  • Create inventory of capacity for local organizations to meet ongoing and future needs.
  • Confirm availability of staff for ongoing navigation positions.
  • Identify strategic partnerships within community to leverage service delivery.
  • Identify assessment assets and begin deployment for data collection as per
  • Explore systemic supports to negate risk of long term “burn out” for caregivers.
  • Explore funding for identified need of Men’s service (reported by Red Cross that there is a need for a space for Men in community to have conversations and reflect on impact).

Actions completed:

  • Met with community and external stakeholders to inform clear assessment functions.
  • Collated data to confirm all households have been contacted to confirm registration with Red Cross.
  • Dialogued with other recovery units to ensure a cohesive “one stop” assessment process to avoid re-traumatizing those that have been flood affected.
  • Red Cross:
    • Resilience Centre / Red Cross has moved to the Grand Forks Royal Canadian Legion Hall, 7353 6 St, from 10:00 to 17:00 M to S, closed 12:00-13:00
    • Household Emergency Assistance Program underway