There has been a directional shift in the move forward on data collection, with a focus on activating community volunteers to collect data. Feedback from community at large has been positive.

Actionable items for the next week:

  • Confirm volunteers for data collection.
  • Confirm donation of devices for data collection.

Actionable Items In Process/Ongoing:

  • Begin process of referral rubric for next steps-In Process
  • Connect with providers unable to attend meeting on July 3rd and get feedback on service delivery and needs.-In Process
  • Create inventory of capacity for local organizations to meet ongoing and future needs.-Pending
  • Confirm availability of staff for ongoing navigation positions (Red Cross etc.) – Ongoing
  • Identify strategic partnerships within community to leverage service delivery.- In Process
  • Identify assessment assets and begin deployment for data collection as per Lightship data. – Pending
  • Explore systemic supports to negate risk of long term “burn out” for caregivers. – In Process
  • Explore funding for identified need of Men’s service (a space for Men in community to have conversations and reflect on impact). – Ongoing
  • Have a clear proposal regarding funding for ongoing fiscal needs for Well Being/Unmet Needs co-ordination.-Ongoing

Actionable Items Completed

  • Confirm V2 of LightShip software based assessment covers all necessary domains
  • Liaise with Housing and Economic to ensure there data collection needs are met, and look at overlap in well being/unmet needs.
  • Begin training syllabus for assessment gathering.
  • Liaise with Housing and Economic to ensure there data collection needs are met, and look at overlap in well being/unmet needs.

Red Cross / HEAP

HEAP assistance to July 11:

  • 113 families have received HEAP assistance, total of $322,050

Survey distribution:

Contact list of 245 based on eligible household list sent by RDKB, cross-referenced with those registered with Red Cross

  • 140 households sent email survey on July 4
  • 105 contacted through outbound calls from Red Cross Call Centre (3 attempts made to reach) over July 4-6
  • 191 surveys completed to date
    • 96 surveys completed by email
    • 32 surveys completed through our Call Centre
    • 63 surveys done in-person by Case Workers


  • Developing process with RDKB to validate eligibility of green/grey/no placards. Now in place. Can take 5-7 days to complete and issue assistance.
  • Messaging around eligibility, three components: Household damage, financial need, uninsured or insurance does not cover additional living expenses.
  • Clarified understanding with EMBC that insured without Additional Living Expenses included could be eligible for HEAP.
  • Spreading awareness of HEAP program so potentially eligible households not contacted can apply – Posters, RDKB social media, Town Hall meeting in GF July 11