My name is Ron Burleson and I’m the acting Executive Director of Recovery for Emergency Management BC.

What experience do you have?

Recovery work started in the middle of the 2017 wildfires, and I was very fortunate to team up with folks from other ministries who had a regional presence. And then collectively our team, we were working in the Caribou, and in the Thompson Okanagan, and then other places in the province that were hit by 2017 wildfires. Again, by extension this year, other teams are working in the Northwest, while I’ve been leading the team here in Grand Forks for the flood recovery.

Who else is working with you?

FLNRORD’s regional economic operations people, we’ve got Ministry of Health and Health Emergency Management BC, Municipal Affairs and Housing. The list goes on. Many folks involved outside of Grand Forks recovery. Again, the regional economic operations people, and our Community Wildfire Recovery Branch, Ministry of Forests, have been taking a lead role there. And then of course within Emergency Management BC, many people involved there. So it’s a very, very broad cross agency team, and we’re all working together to advance this work.

What are you doing?

My number one priority for the flood recovery is to continue supporting the Boundary Flood Recovery team in getting funding and other support for their immediate needs. There are still housing issues that we’re trying to address. There are some mitigation issues we’re trying to address. And those involve support from the province in terms of approvals, or sometimes direct funds.