• By appointment only. Call Service BC at 250-442-4306. Limited space, book your appointment now! More workshops outreach sessions will follow if people use this service.
  • Monday September 24 to Thursday September 27, 2018.
  • Service BC Office, 7290 2nd Street, Grand Forks.
  • The province will be providing expert advice on the completion of section 11 applications.  Please review the in-stream works information sheet , WSA approval brochure , and the Boundary fisheries windows so that you come in with the necessary information for an application to be at least started but hopefully submitted.
  • Information Required for Our Meeting:

    For assistance by an FCBC Natural Resource Specialist in initiating your application for stream bank protection (Works In and About a Stream, Section 11) please have the following information available:

    • A work description is a key a element required within the application. Details provided in a typical work description are provided below. Please bring yours with you. If at this point you are uncertain, its OK we can discuss options that are possible. At minimum bring a rough outline of the all options being considered.
    • Either your street address, legal description or land title is required. A mail box will not be useful. We will need to locate your property within our mapping system and pull your title (if not made available). Note we will likely also be preparing basic mapping to support your application.
    • As all applications must now be submitted electronically (filled out on a computer) we will need an email address. An application cannot be moved forward without one. For our session we will be using my computer to initiate the application. If you do not own an email address it is possible for a client to use a close relative, friend or library or school email.
    • If possible provide 3-4 recent photo’s of the site


    Work Description – Information Required

    • what is the size of the proposed work site (provide approximate length, width or depth). Showing these on a sketch would be most helpful.
    • how have you determined the required dimensions of the work site. e. from visible limits of damage, professional support, etc.
    • how will the work be carried out, by hand or employing equipment (describe hand tools/type of equipment)
    • will you be carrying out the work or are you contracting it out
    • what materials will be taken away i.e. soils, vegetation, etc and where will it be deposited
    • what materials will brought in i.e. rip-rap (what size?), rock (what size?), gravel (type), vegetation (type), etc and is it supplied locally vs available on site
    • what other materials are being used i.e. soil stabilization fabric