September 12, 2018

Grand Forks, BC – Dozens of Grand Forks and area residents can expect access to long-term affordable housing in 2019 after experiencing catastrophic flooding earlier this year. The Province delivered on one of their commitments to help the flood survivors today with the announcement by Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, of the additional investment in Grand Forks. Via BC Housing, and through the advocacy of City Council and the Boundary Flood Recovery team, the Province is fast tracking more than fifty new affordable rental homes.

“Funding housing is a part of recovery that considers the community’s long-term needs.” Said Graham Watt, Recovery Manager. “It makes a deep impact in Grand Forks and the Boundary whose effect will be felt now and for the next several decades. This is an amazing investment by the Province at the time when we need their support the most.”

Although Council initially approached the Province for help with affordable housing in 2017, the need sky-rocketed after the flood. One of the first actions of the Boundary Flood Recovery team was to identify the need to fast track any potential projects that focused on housing supply. City Councilors and the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Chair followed up on those requests at the 2018 Union of BC Municipalities.

“Council is pushing for solutions that help the families and seniors most affected by the floods this year” said Mayor Frank Konrad. “This partnership with BC Housing is exactly what we need to move the recovery forward and to tackle housing affordability in Grand Forks.”

In addition to the support for flood survivors, the project will build much needed long-term affordable housing for the community. The City will be streamlining its development process to support the quick buildout of the project. The housing is expected to be ready by fall 2019.

More information from the Province may be found here: