Update about preparations for 2019, the appraisers, and South Ruckle.


Chris Marsh: Hi, I’m Chris Marsh and I’m co-manager of the Boundary Flood Recovery Team with Graham Watt.

Chris Marsh: We have contracted a company, a consulting company, to provide a flood response plan. We will have that in place before freshet in 2019. That’s gonna help us understand the risk. Lessons learned from the flood of 2018, trigger points for response actions and ways that we can mitigate the impacts to residents if we have another high water event, either in 2019 or further into the future.

Chris Marsh: We have a team of appraisers in town looking to determine the property values that are associated with the potential buy out options.

Chris Marsh: In South Ruckle, we have an application for funding with the provincial government right now to provide bank armoring. That’s to protect not only the homes that are in place there but critical infrastructure. We’re waiting on funding from the provincial government to make that happen. It’s a sizeable project and involves significant engineering. But it is something that we’ve addressed as being absolutely necessary before freshet of 2019. So we’re committed to making that happen.

Chris Marsh: We’re here with the community and we’ll be here as long as it takes.