Why are you appraising properties?

Appraisals are for the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund federal grant application. Not every property that was significantly damaged in the flood can be included. The property must be needed for flood infrastructure or green infrastructure like a restored flood plain. The overall cost of the project also affects which properties can be included.

Will I get a copy of the appraisal results?

The results will be shared after the report is complete. The appraisals should be completed by by December 21, 2018 with the results available in 2019.

What is a typical appraisal?

The appraiser gathers existing information about your property from BC Assessment, building permits, and real estate sales. They will then do a walk through and may take photos. The on-site visit only takes fifteen minutes on average. The level of appraisal is for a grant which overall is an intermediate quality of appraisal.

What about those houses in South Ruckle that were deeply flooded?

In order to be considered for a buy out with this grant, the property must be needed for flood protection infrastructure or green infrastructure.

What about the properties that did not flood but are being appraised?

Some properties are being considered for acquisition if they are in areas that pose a risk to first responder access or are required for flood protection infrastructure.

How many properties are being assessed?

About 130 properties are on the list.

Will all properties being appraised be offered a buy out?

The properties are being appraised to budget for the DMAF grant application. Being appraised does not mean that you will be offered a buy out. More information on potential buy outs will be available when the results of the grant application are known in May or June 2019.

What do I do if I didn’t receive a call or contact from the appraisers?

Please call the flood recovery office.

What about if they couldn’t access my property?

The appraisers will use what information they have and make assumptions on the rest.

How much of the right of way is needed beside the rail way in South Ruckle?

Likely a six metre buffer depending on the specific property.