A consultant is preparing a new flood response plan for the Boundary Region to be completed in March 2019.

The flood response plan will define what is being monitored, for example, snow levels, water levels, and weather forecasts. When those indicators get to a level of concern, two things will happen. The regional emergency program will respond to that risk level, and they will communicate both the indicator level and response action to the community. Different cooperating agencies like the RCMP and Emergency Management BC will be informed.

Response to indicators could be to install temporary flood protection works. This could be sandbag berms or water bladders like those that were used in downtown Grand Forks in 2018. These may not be put in the same places. Key pieces of infrastructure like bridges and major roads will be protected from potential flooding.

This plan does not take the place of a personal preparedness plan or actions to protect your own property.

Local government staff are trained for their role in responding to any flood. This includes running the emergency operations centre, coordinating with other agencies, communicating to the community, and installing temporary flood protection works.