• Business Assessment Process – Funding secured from Province and process was initiated. 35 assessments are scheduled already for week of August 13th. Another 25 have been completed by CF staff.
  • Rural Dividend Application – Ongoing work with DBA Chamber and Province on the development of this application.
  • Agriculture – Visits to West Boundary taking place this week.
  • Business Recovery Committee meeting – Agenda development for meeting to take place
  • One on one meetings – with select business owners

Priorities this coming week:

  • Business Assessment Survey – Continued outreach and scheduling. The goal is to reach a minimum of 100 businesses throughout the region.
  • Rural Dividend Fund – Pending work from Provincial contact on the application, this must go in mid next week.
  • Insurance related issues – Continued discussion(s) re decisions regarding deductibles and offerings of flood related insurance and the impact(s) on business remain a priority.